Case reports in Hematology

61,00 € (50,00 € IVA esclusa) cad.

Title:Case reports in hematology
Dates:from 25 July 2014 to 24 July 2015
Pre-enrollment or information:Write to or call +39.049.865.03.74 during office hours
Estimated duration:10 hours
Italian CME credits:10 Italian credits can be validated in other countries according to specific international agreements
Scientific referee:Giovanni Lenzo
Teachers:Giovanni Lenzo, Marina Farnesi
Assessment of participants:Written test
Fee:50,00 euro + VAT
Description:The course is delivered in e-learning mode (self-learning without tutoring). The continuing education event "Case reports in hematology", consists of a collection of real cases from hematology clinic repertoire. The English text was edited by professionals with medical and scientific background. Units: Each case report is presented using the "Problem Based Learning" method, reviewed by a medical specialist in the field. The estimated time for accomplishing the reports is around 10 hours. at the end of each case report, the participants will be asked to give the hypothesis of the suspected diagnosis and therapy. the answers will then be examined by the teacher who will comunicate the outcome to the participant by e-mail. Only if the feedback will be considered satisfactory by the teacher, the participant will acquire ECM credits. the course will be delivered entirely in English, with the aim of exercising professionals on the medical terminology of scientific English. the main objective of the event is to let participants acquire theoretical knowledge and updates in the field of haematological disorders with particular attention to laboratory medicine. acquisition of technical and professional skills: Participants will gain specific skills in the analysis and resolution of clinical cases in the field of hematology . In particular, specific medical history will be given for each case, together with the results of laboratory analysis. for each different case study the participants will be asked to provide their comments and feedbacks. the use of the English language with its medical specific terminology will also allow Italian participants to strengthen linguistic competences in the field of hematology and immunology.