Dear cybermedica user, for non Italian users like you we are planning an entirely dedicated web site. For now though, the web site is mainly written in Italian, though there are courses tailored for you, in English. So, for the time being, we decided to assist you directly, assigning to you a member of our staff who will provide all the assistance you need and all the explanations. All this is obviously without extra charge, so until the new web site is ready, you will be able to join our community as some kind of a "privileged member".

So please feel free to browse our courses, and if you find something interesting do not follow the standard path (which would be in Italian), but please send us a simple text with your request to the following address
We will ask you the data necessary for your registration to cybermedica first and then we will assist you step by step until you can use your course.
It will be easy, fast and effective and if you want you can also register without buying any course, untill you find the right one.
We are looking forward to providing to you the best international e-learning in bio-medicine!

the Staff of Cybermedica