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oppure che devono essere pagati solo se si vuole il certificato finale.
I corsi sono tutti in inglese

Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education
More than 70 free online CME activities, as well as live CME, on demand Webcasts, and medical publications are offered at no cost to the user.

Baylor College of Medicine. Office of Continuing Medical Education
CME is offered for thirteen topic areas at no cost.

Healthcare Education Learning and Information Exchange
Il Healthcare Education Learning and Information Exchange, è un sito dedicato alla formazione permanente, con moltissimo materiale gratuito

NCCAM Online Continuing Education Series
NCCAM is offering free, comprehensive videolectures about research in complementary health approaches. Topics range from mind-body pain therapies to acupuncture. These online videolectures provide an in-depth perspective on the current state of science, as related to complementary medicine. Health professionals are eligible to receive continuing education credits (CME and CEU) and a certificate of completion at no cost.

WHO Genomics Educational Tools for Health Professionals
The science of genomics is increasing rapidly and may change many aspects of the public health. It is important that professionals in all areas of healthcare keep themselves abreast of these advances and informed about the resources available for patient care. Most often, the physician serves as a first and principal resource for the patients to learn about the latest treatment possibilities and options. Now more than ever it is important that health professionals develop a holistic approach to patient care and health service delivery.
We offer a selection of self-training modules available online which provide healthcare professionals and their staff with a basic understanding of genetics and genomics. The modules are easy to use and accessible to all users for free. Also available is a selection of programs and courses in universities worldwide where health care staff can gain better insight into this developing field and its impact on the future of public health.
Overall, this caters to the needs of healthcare professionals with little or no specialist knowledge of genomics.

Genetics/Genomics Competency Center for Education G2G2
Some of the courses are free
The mission of G2C2 is to provide high quality educational resources for group instruction or self-directed learning in genetics/genomics by health care educators and practitioners. The G2C2 solicits, reviews and organizes resources through an interdisciplinary collaborative exchange.
Genomic applications in healthcare are increasingly relevant to the day-to-day delivery of care to patients by all health care professionals. There was a strong interest in having a centralized web resource for educators that could facilitate communication, development, and dissemination of educational resources and approaches to achieve genetic/genomic competency.

AACC Online Programs
Personalized Medicine and Your Health.
free online continuing education activity. Two Powerpoint presentations are available to view. After viewing each presentation, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and to obtain continuing education credit (ACCENT®) using convenient online forms. These presentations were given at the July 14, 2007 symposium hosted by four AACC divisions: Lipoproteins and Vascular Diseases Division; Molecular Pathology Division; Nutrition Division; and the TDM/Toxicology Division. Two national leaders in personalized medicine discuss the changing roles of laboratory medicine as data emerges for individual responses to medicine, medical treatments, and diet. Each Powerpoint presentation consists of learning objectives, instructive slides, and self-assessment questions and answers.

Presentazioni on line di Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D. sulla Medicina Personalizzata (in inglese):
Systems Approach to Complex Diseases and the Emergence of Proactive P4 Medicine (PDF 18Mb)
Systems Biology and P4 Medicine: Past, Present, and Future